Pamper Palace Spa

LaTasha Cotton loves being dually licensed in the spa industry. ​

In fact, she has multiple licenses for two states—a cosmetology license and massage licenses for Texas and Louisiana.

As the owner of Pamper Palace Spa in Monroe, Louisiana, Cotton says knowing all the skills necessary to run an entire spa opened a whole new world. Her first experience in the spa world stemmed from her cosmetology license.

Under a cosmetology license, practitioners can offer hair, skin and nail services. Cotton’s business is a full-service massage studio and salon.

“I was able to use every single part of my license in a spa; (as I moved on), I felt like I would love to do that in my own business,” said Cotton, who has worked for chiropractors, massage franchises and luxury hotels. “The opportunities are endless when you’re dually licensed.”

Even from the start, Cotton says her dream career included being a spa owner. Five years into her work, she wanted a massage license too.

She believed an added license padded her knowledge as a practitioner and would only benefit her later as an owner. Years later, massage is her favorite spa offering to provide to clients.

“I get to really, really see results every day,” she said of massage.

And while she loves massage, esthetics comes in at a close second.

Cotton remarked the only reason she found a new love in esthetics is because she was able to practice it under the cosmetology umbrella. One day on the job, an esthetician co-worker called out and Cotton stepped from her massage room into the facial room with ease.

(Source: Massage Magazine, https://www.massagemag.com/cosmetology-license-massage-therapist-89227/)

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